2006 Bmw 330I Starter Replacement Cost

In 2006, a BMW 330i owner had to replace the starter on their car. The cost of the replacement was $330. However, the owner was able to save money by doing the work themselves. This saved them over $100 in labor costs. What Is The 2006 Bmw 330i Starter Replacement Cost? If you’re the owner … Read more

Bmw 5 Series Engine Replacement Cost

In 2014, BMW released a new engine for the 5 Series, which was significantly more powerful and efficient than the previous model. However, the cost of replacing the engine was also significantly higher. Despite this, many 5 Series owners decided to replace their engines, and the results were dramatic. The new engine increased the performance … Read more

Bmw Eccentric Shaft Replacement Cost

In 2008, BMW announced a voluntary recall of certain 3-Series models due to a potential issue with the eccentric shaft in the engine. This recall affected over 1 million vehicles worldwide, and BMW offered to replace the eccentric shaft at no cost to the customer. Although this was a major recall, BMW’s quick and proactive … Read more

2003 Ford F150 Harley Davidson Supercharged Specs

The 2003 Ford F-150 Harley-Davidson Supercharged is a special-edition truck that was produced in limited numbers. It is based on the regular F-150, but features several upgrades that make it a unique vehicle. The most notable of these is the supercharged V8 engine, which gives the truck an impressive amount of power. Other upgrades include … Read more

2022 Ford Maverick Production Numbers

The all-new Ford Maverick is set to enter production in the spring of 2022. Here’s what we know about the production numbers for this highly anticipated pickup truck. The Maverick will be built at Ford’s Hermosillo Assembly Plant in Mexico. Ford has not released official production numbers for the Maverick, but industry experts estimate that … Read more

2018 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Specs

The 2018 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor is a powerful and versatile SUV that is perfect for law enforcement agencies. It offers a variety of features that make it an ideal vehicle for police work, including a powerful engine, plenty of cargo space, and a variety of safety features. Here are the specs of the 2018 … Read more

2015 Ford Escape Transmission Problems

If you’re one of the 1.3 million drivers of a 2015 Ford Escape, you may have experienced one of the most common and most serious problems with your vehicle: transmission failure. The automatic transmission is the part of your car that helps to change gears smoothly, and when it fails, it can cause a jarring … Read more

2013 Gmc Terrain Engine Replacement Cost

The cost of replacing the engine in a 2013 GMC Terrain varies depending on the make and model of the engine. If your 2013 GMC Terrain is in need of an engine replacement, the cost will vary depending on a few factors. The first is whether you opt for a new or used engine. A … Read more

Toyota Sienna Tune Up Cost

The average cost of a Toyota Sienna tune up is $200. If you’re the proud owner of a Toyota Sienna, you know that this vehicle is built to last. But like any car, it will eventually need a tune up. The good news is that tune ups for a Toyota Sienna are relatively affordable, especially … Read more