Chevy Trailblazer Thermostat Replacement Cost

The cost to replace a Chevy Trailblazer thermostat will vary depending on the year of the vehicle and where you have it done. Expect to pay between $75 and $150 for the parts and labor.

If your Chevy Trailblazer is running a little hot, it might be time to replace the thermostat. This is a relatively easy and inexpensive repair that can be done at home with a few tools. Here’s what you need to know about replacing the thermostat on your Chevy Trailblazer.

The cost of a replacement thermostat for your Chevy Trailblazer will vary depending on where you purchase it from. Expect to pay anywhere from $15-$30 for a new thermostat. To replace the thermostat on your Chevy Trailblazer, first locate the old one under the hood.

It will be mounted on the engine block near the radiator hose. Once you have located it, disconnect the electrical connector and remove the two bolts that hold it in place. Then, simply install the new thermostat in reverse order and tighten everything back up.

That’s all there is to it! Replacing the thermostat on your Chevy Trailblazer is a quick and easy repair that can save you money in the long run by helping to keep your engine running cooler.

How to Replace Thermostat with Housing Assembly 2002-2009 Chevy Trailblazer

2004 Chevy Trailblazer Thermostat Replacement

If your 2004 Chevy Trailblazer is having issues with the thermostat, it may need to be replaced. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to replace the thermostat on your Trailblazer. 1. Begin by disconnecting the negative battery cable.

This will prevent any electrical shorts while you are working on the vehicle. 2. Next, locate the Thermostat housing which is located on the passenger side of the engine near the firewall. 3. Using a wrench, remove the two bolts that secure the housing in place and then remove the housing itself.

Be careful not to lose any of the gasket material that may be attached to either side of the housing. 4. With the housing removed, you should now be able to see and access the thermostat itself. Simply pull it out of its seating and discard it.

Chevy Trailblazer Thermostat Problems

If you’re having trouble with your Chevy Trailblazer’s thermostat, you’re not alone. Many owners of this vehicle have reported experiencing problems with their thermostats, and it appears to be a fairly common issue. There are a few different things that can cause your thermostat to malfunction, and unfortunately, it can be difficult to determine the exact cause without taking your vehicle to a mechanic.

However, there are a few things that you can check on your own that may help you narrow down the problem. One potential cause of thermostat problems is a coolant leak. If there is coolant leaking into your engine, it can cause the engine to overheat, which will trigger the thermostat to open and close more frequently than normal in an attempt to regulate the temperature.

You’ll likely notice coolant leaks by looking for puddles of antifreeze under your parked car or by checking the level of coolant in the reservoir (it should be between the “full” and “low” marks). If you suspect that there may be a coolant leak, it’s best to take your vehicle to a mechanic so they can diagnose and fix the problem. Another possible reason for faulty thermostat operation is debris build-up on the sensor that monitors engine temperature.

This sensor is located near the thermostat housing, and over time, dirt and grime can accumulate on it, causing inaccurate readings. You can clean the sensor yourself using compressed air and brake cleaner spray; just make sure not to damage the sensor while cleaning it. Once again, if this doesn’t solve the problem or you’re unsure about doing it yourself, take your car to a professional mechanic.

Finally, sometimes thermostats simply wear out over time and need to be replaced. This is typically not a very expensive repair (the parts themselves only cost around $30-$40), but it’s something that should be done by someone with experience working on cars. Replacing a thermostat requires disassembling part of your engine bay; if you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, definitely take it into a shop.

If you’re having trouble with your Chevy Trailblazer’s thermostat, hopefully this article has helped point you in the right direction for diagnosis and repair. Remember: if in doubt, always consult with a professional mechanic before attempting any repairs yourself!

Trailblazer Thermostat Location

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t think much about your thermostat. But if you have a Trailblazer, it’s worth taking the time to learn about its location. After all, this tiny component plays a big role in keeping your vehicle comfortable and efficient.

The thermostat on a Trailblazer is located near the engine’s cooling system. It helps regulate the engine temperature by opening and closing as needed. If the engine gets too hot, the thermostat will open to allow coolant to flow through and help bring down the temperature.

Similarly, if the engine is running cold, the thermostat will close to prevent coolant from flowing. Knowing where your thermostat is located can be helpful if you ever need to check or replace it. It’s also a good idea to familiarize yourself with its function so that you can troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

If you have any questions about your Trailblazer’s thermostat or cooling system, consult your owner’s manual or ask a qualified mechanic for assistance.

2007 Chevy Trailblazer Thermostat Replacement

If your 2007 Chevy Trailblazer is running a little hot, it might be time to replace the thermostat. This is a fairly easy repair that you can do at home with a few tools. Here’s what you’ll need to do to get the job done:

1. Disconnect the negative battery cable and drain the cooling system. 2. Remove the radiator hose from the thermostat housing and remove the housing bolts. 3. Remove the old thermostat and install the new one in its place.

Make sure it is properly seated and then reinstall the housing bolts. 4. Reconnect the radiator hose and fill up the cooling system with fresh antifreeze/coolant.


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Coolant Thermostat

A coolant thermostat is a device that regulates the flow of coolant in an engine. The thermostat is located between the engine and the radiator and consists of a housing, a valve, and a temperature-sensitive element. The housing is connected to the engine and has an inlet and outlet for the coolant.

The valve controls the flow of coolant through the housing, and the temperature-sensitive element determines when the valve should open or close. The purpose of a coolant thermostat is to keep the engine at its optimal operating temperature by regulating the flow of coolant. When the engine is cold, the thermostat keeps the coolant from flowing through to prevent it from cooling down too much.

As the engine warms up, the thermostat opens to allow more coolant to flow through and keep the engine at its ideal temperature. If your car’s cooling system isn’t working properly, it could be due to a faulty coolant thermostat. If you think there may be an issue with your car’scooling system, it’s important to take it to a mechanic so they can diagnose and fix any problems.

Thermostat Housing

If your car has been overheating, or the temperature gauge needle has been creeping into the red, it may be time to check your thermostat housing. The thermostat housing is a metal casing that contains the thermostat—a device that regulates the flow of coolant to the engine. If the housing is cracked or damaged, it can allow coolant to leak out, which will cause your car to overheat.

In some cases, the thermostat itself may be faulty and need to be replaced. To check your thermostat housing, first make sure that the engine is cool before removing the radiator cap. Once you’ve located the housing (it’s usually on the engine side of the radiator), use a flashlight to inspect it for any cracks or damage.

If you see any leaks, replace the gasket and tighten all bolts securely. If there are no leaks but the housing looks damaged, it’s best to replace it entirely. Once you’ve replaced or repaired your thermostat housing, keep an eye on your car’s temperature gauge and top off the radiator as needed.

By taking these precautions, you can help prevent future overheating issues and keep your car running smoothly.

Thermostat Car

A thermostat in a car helps to regulate the engine’s temperature. It is usually located near the front of the engine, and has a small knob that can be turned to adjust the setting. The thermostat works by regulating the flow of coolant through the engine.

When the engine is cold, the thermostat allows more coolant to flow through, which warms up the engine. As the engine warms up, the thermostat gradually restricts the flow of coolant, so that it doesn’t get too hot. If the engine gets too hot (for example, if it’s been running for a long time on a hot day), then a warning light on the dashboard will come on, and you should pull over and turn off the engine as soon as possible.

Chevy Trailblazer Thermostat Replacement Cost


How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Thermostat on a Trailblazer?

If your Chevy Trailblazer is having issues with the thermostat, it may be time for a replacement. This can be a fairly simple and inexpensive repair, as long as you have the right tools and parts. Here’s a look at what you can expect to pay for a new thermostat for your Trailblazer.

The cost of the actual thermostat will vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle. You can typically find aftermarket thermostats for around $25-$50. If you want an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) part, you may pay slightly more, but it’s often worth it for the peace of mind that comes with knowing the part is an exact match for your vehicle.

In addition to the cost of the thermostat itself, you’ll also need to factor in labor costs. Replacing a thermostat is usually a pretty quick job that will take less than an hour, so you shouldn’t have to pay too much in labor costs. Expect to pay around $75-$100 for labor, depending on the shop you visit.

So all told, replacing a thermostat on your Chevy Trailblazer should set you back somewhere between $100-$150. Not bad for peace of mind – and hopefully warmer temperatures in your cabin!

How Much Should Labor Cost to Replace a Thermostat?

If you need to replace your thermostat, the cost of labor will depend on a few factors. First, the type of thermostat you have will affect the price. If you have a standard mechanical thermostat, it will be less expensive to replace than a digital or programmable model.

Second, the size and complexity of your HVAC system will also impact the cost. A simple system with one zone may only take an hour or so to replace, while a more complex system could take several hours. Finally, your geographic location can also affect labor costs, as rates vary from region to region.

As a general rule of thumb, expect to pay between $50 and $100 per hour for labor to replace a thermostat.

How Many Hours Does It Take to Replace a Thermostat?

How many hours does it take to replace a thermostat? The average do-it-yourselfer can replace a thermostat in about two hours, but it’s always best to consult your car’s owner’s manual or the manufacturer of your particular vehicle before beginning any automotive repair.

How Do I Know If My Thermostat is Blown?

A blown thermostat can be a serious issue for your home’s heating and cooling system. If you think your thermostat may be blown, there are a few things you can do to check and see if it needs to be replaced. First, take a look at the face of the thermostat.

If there is any cracks or damage, this is a sign that the thermostat may be blown. Another way to tell is if the needle on the face of the thermostat is stuck in one position or not moving at all. If you have an electronic digital thermostat, another way to tell if it’s blown is if the display is blank or showing strange characters that don’t make sense.

If you think your thermostat may be blown, it’s best to call in a professional HVAC technician to take a look and diagnose the problem. They will be able to tell for sure if your thermostat needs to be replaced and can also help troubleshoot any other issues with your heating and cooling system.


The cost to replace a thermostat in a Chevy Trailblazer can vary depending on the year of the vehicle and the model. However, it is generally around $200 to $300. This cost includes the price of the thermostat itself as well as labor costs.

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