Honda Civic Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost

The average cost for a Honda Civic rear wheel bearing replacement is between $316 and $356. Labor costs are estimated between $132 and $167 while parts are priced between $184 and $189. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific vehicle or unique location.

If you’re the owner of a Honda Civic, then you may be wondering about the rear wheel bearing replacement cost. While it’s not a cheap fix, it’s definitely not as expensive as some other car repairs. on average, you can expect to pay between $200 and $400 for the parts and labor.

However, if you’re handy with tools, you may be able to replace the bearings yourself and save on labor costs.

How to Replace Rear Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly 06-12 Honda Civic

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Wheel Bearing in a Honda Civic?

Assuming you would like to know the cost of replacing a wheel bearing in a Honda Civic: The average cost for a Honda Civic wheel bearing replacement is between $316 and $355. Labor costs are estimated between $158 and $200 while parts are priced at $158.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Rear Wheel Bearings?

Assuming you would like an answer for a 2009 Toyota Corolla, it would cost approximately $200-$300 to replace the rear wheel bearings. This does not include the cost of labor. The average cost of labor would be anywhere from $80-$100 per hour.

Therefore, the total cost to replace rear wheel bearings would be between $280-$400.

How Much Does Honda Charge for Wheel Bearing Replacement?

Honda charges between $200 and $400 for wheel bearing replacement. The price will depend on the make and model of your vehicle, as well as the labor costs at the dealership or repair shop. Many factors can affect the cost of labor, including the location of the business, the experience of the technician, and any discounts that may be available.

How Do I Know If My Honda Civic Wheel Bearings are Bad?

If you’re hearing a grinding noise coming from your wheels, it’s possible that your wheel bearings are going bad. Other signs that your wheel bearings may be failing include vibrating when you’re driving, or if your car feels like it’s wobbling when you turn. If you suspect that your wheel bearings are going bad, the best thing to do is to take your car to a mechanic and have them check it out.

Honda Civic Rear Wheel Bearing Replacement Cost


Honda Civic Wheel Bearing Noise

If you’re hearing a wheel bearing noise in your Honda Civic, it’s important to get it checked out as soon as possible. This type of noise is typically caused by a worn or damaged wheel bearing, and if left unchecked, it can lead to serious problems. There are a few things you can do to check for wheel bearing damage on your own.

First, take a look at the condition of the tires. If they’re excessively worn or have any bald spots, that could be an indication that the bearings are going bad. Next, jack up the car and grab hold of the tire at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock.

Try to move it back and forth; if there’s any play in the tire, that means the bearings are likely damaged. If you suspect that your Civic’s wheel bearings are damaged, it’s best to take it to a mechanic for further inspection. They’ll be able to tell for sure whether or not the bearings need to be replaced.

In some cases, they may just need to be cleaned and lubricated; however, if they’re seriously damaged, they’ll need to be replaced entirely. Don’t ignore wheel bearing noise in your Honda Civic! Get it checked out as soon as possible so you can avoid serious damage down the road.

Honda Civic Wheel Bearing Replacement

Honda Civic Wheel Bearing Replacement: The process is fairly simple, but there are a few things to keep in mind. 1. Jack up the car and remove the wheel. 2. Remove the brake caliper and support it with a wire or bungee cord so that it doesn’t hang by the brake hose and damage the line.

3.Remove the dust cap from the hub assembly 4. Using a suitable tool, remove the cotter pin from the castle nut 5. Using another suitable tool, loosen but do not remove the castle nut

6. Remove the axle nut 7. Gently tap on the end of the axle to release it from the hub 8. Withdraw axle shaft

9. Hold onto hub while lightly striking outer edge of bearing until it pops out 10 Install new bearing being careful not to damage inner race 11 Reassemble in reverse order Be sure to check your owner’s manual for specific instructions on your make and model as some slight variations may exist.

Honda Civic Wheel Bearing Price

If you’re looking to get your hands on a Honda Civic wheel bearing, you’ll be happy to know that they’re not too expensive. You can expect to pay around $100 for a quality wheel bearing, which is a small price to pay for the peace of mind and increased safety that comes with having one. While wheel bearings don’t usually need to be replaced very often, it’s important to keep an eye on them and have them checked by a mechanic if you notice any strange noises or vibrations coming from your wheels.

If left unchecked, a damaged wheel bearing can cause some serious problems. So, if you’re in the market for a new Honda Civic wheel bearing, don’t hesitate to shop around and find the best deal. And remember, if you have any concerns about your existing bearings, make sure to get them checked out as soon as possible.


The average cost to replace a rear wheel bearing on a Honda Civic is $200-$300. The cost will vary depending on the year, make, and model of the vehicle. If you are experiencing noise or vibration coming from the rear of your vehicle, it is recommended that you have it inspected by a certified mechanic to determine if the rear wheel bearings need to be replaced.

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